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Are you Asleep or are you Awake?

Have you ever had one of those weeks? We all have. It's part of life. So please indulge me as i need to rant for a little bit. But as always, I'll be respectful and diplomatic.

Complaining for complaining's sake

Ever sit in a coffee shop, or wait for a bus, or stand in line at a bank and listen to the conversations around you, I mean really listen. It seems all anyone does these days is complain. I’m really getting tired of hearing people complain about this and that. They’re upset about their weight, their finances, and their health or circumstances, their husband or wife doesn't do this or that.

Now I'm a proactive, ambitious, driven, optimistic, nice person. And as I'm listening to the chatter around me, inside - well I'm screaming. I'm screaming 'Grow up!', 'oh c'mon - really' and 'You are 100% responsible for everything that happens in your life!' Playing the victim, staying stuck, constant complaining with no drive towards resolution, venting about it constantly doesn't help anyone in life or in their relationships whether business or personal.

My personal philosophy is 'move forward'. Feel stuck, get unstuck. Don’t like how fat you’ve gotten, talk to you doctor about what steps you can do to lose weight healthy. Don’t like the people you work with, get a new job. Having a chronic health problem, chat with your doctor about a plan to resolve it.

The key philosophy: ACT!

The power, all the power you could ever need is in your hands and if you don’t believe that there is something better for you in this life than where you might be right now - that is what you will continue to manifest for the rest of your life.

Practicing a daily dose of Gratitude is no joke, it works to turn your life around

A great way to get unstuck and break the chains of negativity is to practice gratitude every.single. day.

How many times do you wake up and count your blessings?

Can't see them because you are drowning in your life's challenges. Take a moment. Sit down. Take a deep breath and open your eyes. They’re all around you! In today's world we are all moving way too fast. We 'think' we practice gratitude, that we count our blessings but the truth is most of us skip over them like they don’t exist. It's time to open your eyes!

To help you recalibrate to more positive thinking, I'll share some of mine:

  • I'm alive today

  • I can walk today

  • I have a car that takes me to the job I have

  • I have food in my fridge, a roof over my head

  • I'm surrounded by people who love me

  • I'm intelligent

  • I have a loving partner who supports me in my life's journey

  • I am thankful and grateful for all that I have accomplished and the challenges I've overcome

Even those less fortunate than we are understand the concept of gratitude

Take a look around you and notice the other people who are not as fortunate. Seattle is bursting at the seams with homelessness, and your city has to be crawling with just as many homeless , destitute people as mine. You don’t have to go to a third world country to see another's misery. But they are thankful for the food they are able to get, for homeless shelters, for any type of support. OK, not all are, but in my heart I believe the majority are because no one desires to be homeless.

But we take all this shit for granted, don't we?

Gratitude IS the attitude that will change your life

Every morning before you even get out of bed, take 10 minutes to say OUT LOUD things you are grateful for. Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier so you can easily incorporate this into your schedule.

  • Thank God for everything you have, even the messy, negative, challenging stuff because those things are what is going to help you grow.

  • If there is something in your life that your unhappy with, GET OFF YOUR ASS AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!

  • If you want to improve your health, go to the gym and start training. If your embarrassed workout at home, eat healthier.

  • If your in a unhappy relationship, see a counselor, or work to end the relationship. But end it before you start-up with anyone new.

  • Don’t like your job or finances, change it, what are you waiting for?

The bottom line is you have a choice, make one.

Are you building your life on a one in a million chance?

Is your big strategy a pipe dream? Mysteriously the pounds will drop off, you will win the lottery, your boss out of the blue is going to give you a raise for uninspired work and horrid work ethics?

Wake Up, Wake Up. Please... WAKE UP!

There is truth to the saying that 'YOU are your own worst enemy, your worst cheerleader, critic and friend'. Change happens in baby steps and gratitude is a great place to start. Focus on the positive and kick the negative out of your head. Step out of your normal responses and comfort zone and do it differently. Live the impossible, wake up with a renewed love for life and for the next great adventure & possibilities that it can bring for you. Don't compete with the Jone's, compete against yourself and realize that YOU are your only competition and you can push yourself further than you ever dreamed possible to achieve more than you ever thought was possible.

I believe you can, cause I believe I can and I’m not letting anything stop me, even myself.

Let's Do This ... Together.


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