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The ART of Greeting People

How hard is it really?

How often have you been to a place of business, nightclub, bar, and or anywhere you spend your money and have been barely acknowledged when your there. I'm not talking about those artificial greetings you get that sound disingenuous or fake from the start.

I'm talking about a genuine hello, or how are you doing today/tonight?

One of the main reasons I started my company was because I saw countless times where people were coming into a club and If the bouncer or security talked at all it was more like they were communicating to you in some Cro-Magnon language with grunts and head nods. Then again, I ask how hard is it to actually give a damn about the people whom you are servicing and in charge of? This is not just limited to security or bouncers, this also is for the bartenders, the hostess at a restaurant, the salesman/woman at the cell phone store and everyday people.

If you want more for your job, friendships, relationships take a genuine interest in the people you come into contact with every day. Say hello and how ya doing and mean it. Wait for the reply back and continue the conversation.

In my 28 years of providing security services, I've learned one core truth: the one thing that's important to every individual is their name. As a security professional at an event, lounge, restaurant, nightclub you have 2 times and usually 30 seconds to make an impression. That is when people are coming in and when they are leaving. Take that time to make that impression.

When you check someone’s ID, say their name and thank them for coming (Hi Sonya, thank you for coming in today)! Be genuine! Get your head out of your phones and make eye contact. And if you don't know how to say their name -ask.

At one of the spots I work they have peppermints by the front door, so when customers are leaving the establishment, I tell them I'm the peppermint pusher and tell them thank you for coming in.

As a security professional part of your job is to make a positive impression for both your client and your employer. Leave the customer or person feeling good when they come in and when they leave. Genuine compliments are very easy to give and cost you nothing to say. You never know the impression you may have or leave them with.

Stay safe,


Me with Titan Security crew and client.

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